I enjoy the opportunity to speak about what I know best which is my own experience as primarily a contemporary liturgical artist in a culture of repudiation. My work has given me a platform to expose the spiritual wounds of our society and to propose the soothing balm of faith and the beauty it produces as its remedy. By taking such a counter cultural stance, I feel that I stand out like a red dot on a green canvas and hence draw the wrath of many and the admiration of a few. I think this experience is effectively articulated as follows:

… the decline in religious faith means that many people both skeptics and vacillators, begin to repudiate their cultural inheritance. The burden of this inheritance, without the consolations on offer to the believer becomes intolerable and creates the motive to scoff at those who seek to hand it on.
Roger Scruton


I frequently tour the colleges of the United States giving talks on my work and the vision of the art schools I have founded in Dublin, Florence and soon in the US, God willing. These presentations can be found online like the one I gave at NYU last year and Notre Dame a few weeks ago to name a few. If it is of interest, one can google my name and find numerable videos on YouTube of documentaries, talks and interviews on my work.