One can even see the beginnings of an evangelical Catholic renaissance in the arts – in the work of …Irish sculptor Dony MacManus…
George Weigel, ‘Evangelical Catholicism’, pg. 24, Basic Books 2013
Figurative art is having a tough time. It is no secret that it has in recent decades been sidelined. The art establishment chooses to ignore it because it is seen as reactionary. That might explain why, in the age of dubious celebrity, Irish artist Dony MacManus remains an unknown.
The Irish Times, ‘Faith in the Figure’, Feb 8 2008
My favorite sculptor since Bernini.
Charles Scribner III
A statue of the Virgin Mary depicting her with symbols of drug dependency under her feet was unveiled by the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Connell, in Jobstown yesterday. The statue was unveiled outside the headquarters of Jobstown Assisting Drugs Dependency, a community group formed to address drug abuse. Dr Connell said it was “a statue for our times, bringing hope through faith and art, to those fighting against drugs and drug dependency.” The statue, designed by Dony Mac Manus, was specially commissioned to highlight the community’s struggle against drugs
The Irish Times Wednesday, December 9 1989